Otto Branding
Client: Otto Car Subscription App
Year: 2019-20


Otto is an app based subscription service connecting people to an endless selection of vehicles. It challenges conventional automotive purchase, rental and leasing models with a digital platform that seamlessly connects vendors and subscribers for an unmatched customer experience.

We started with a deep dive into the overall business idea and helped to create a brand positioning and name that represents the disruptive and customer centric approach of the product.

Our central idea evolved around the notion of giving people back a sense of freedom, the fundamental thing a car once stood for. A privilege that has vanished through conventional car ownership models and the burden they bring through cost, insurances, fees and the general maintenance.

It became clear that the visual identity not only had to be crisp and bold but also convey the disruptive spirit of the product.

We subsequently developed the UX/UI and user flows of the app and website.

Agency: Ochre
Creative Director: Seb Klein
Designers: Ryan Miglinczy, Velta Destiana